We all have tested it! The first wave of VR/AR/MR is behind us. Interest is there, excitement is not far … but the business model is still in question. If we have a technology we often look for content, if we have content, technology and finance might be missing. How do we get all what we need and where do we go next?

VR, AR and MR are reshaping the user and customer experience of brands and content, how audiences consume digital content, from film and games to advertising, and will permanently transform education and social media.

Immersive storytelling not only improves entertainment experiences, it introduces the use of narratives also to industry applications or production processes. Which technical solutions and content will create the maker or breaker in conquering the mass market? Europeans are good at telling stories but we need to get them to the audiences who have now multiple access platforms.

Who and how the killer application for VR/AR/MR will be developed and financed? VRNext Network wants to respond to that question with the support of tech companies, financiers and content providers and creators.



The VRNext Network:

  • aims to build a European Forum for an exchange of expertise and best practise, for technology transfer, (co)investment and distribution
  • will allow content producers and distributors, researchers, developers, technicians and sector stakeholders to find partners as well as knowhow
  • will access market validation for VR/AR/MR projects, products and services through direct access to a specialised investment network.



The Meet-Ups (Berlin, London, Laval) will bring together important European decision makers, entrepreneurs and equity investors to exchange positions and find the right technology, content and financing partners:

  • SME and Startups in VR/AR/MR, in Film, Video Games, TV, Transmedia,
  • Financiers for early-stage financing of VR/AR/MR companies,
  • Public and private content financiers,
  • Buyers and editors at broadcasters,
  • Media Houses,
  • Video and VR-platforms,
  • Entertainment brands like ARTE, MK2, Blue Byte/Ubisoft, Samsung…
  • 3IT-members and partners organisations,
  • VR/AR/MR associations/clusters/accelerators in Europe.

Along the year, the Network will attend different events to further discuss and meet local and international investors as well as innovative startups. A network website will facilitate communication and information and regular ePitches will be done to preselect interesting startups and innovative ideas.

European Investor Group

  • Early-stage private equity investors, business angels and angel networks,
  • risk capital funds like specialised VC for later-stage investment,
  • growing network of local investors attached to partner events,
  • all with expertise in financing content and technology and interest in project co-investment with big corporates or explicit interest in entering the market,



Advantages for Network and 3IT Members:

  • expansion of the previous focus on technology solutions through content innovation and financing.
  • familiarise with young and experienced actors around the production and distribution of VR/AR/MR content,
  • cooperation with other companies, startups and informed investors for realising own projects,
  • identifying attractive investment opportunities (company and project related),
  • validation of product’s market relevance through complementary sector knowhow.

Advantages for Investors:

  • access to highly innovative young companies and established actors in the VR/AR/MR market,
  • deal flow of market valid products and services,
  • co-financing opportunities, access to experienced lead investors and quick decision-making processes,
  • insight in new business- and partnership models
  • deepening sector knowhow and the understanding of fast changing framework conditions.

Advantages for Entrepreneurs:

  • pitch presentations to a pool of informed European investors, thus access to ‚smart money‘,
  • network contacts to European technology, content and distribution partners for realising VR/AR/MR-projects,
  • direct access to exclusive technologies and innovative solutions,
  • benchmarking with competing business and financing models
  • network contacts to 3IT partner companies.